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Thread: Booked?????

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    i went to the Dr. today and she took my blood and said she was going to do some bloodwork (b/c i'm on propecia)

    however, she took a bit more blood out then usual and told me that she would just test my blood in general and look at how my kidney's and liver are.

    should i worry? i don't mean to sound like a lil bitch but.....what will she tell my mom? (stop laughing!!!)



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    I would'nt worry bro. Your doctor will send your blood off to a lab. For them to find steroids in your blood they would have to test for that specificly and only at the request from your doctor. I don't think your dotor is going to ask them to do that unless your like all yoked out or something....

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    Looks like no more TV or telephone for you young man!!!

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    Don't worry, i told u what happened with me. They'll get the results in and at your next visit you'll go over them. If ur liver values are high, they'll ask if u drink a lot etc..... and re test u to see if they've went up/down again. Thus indicateing that u could have drank alot, or other things and now its out of ur system. If this happens down the crannberry juice and milk thistle and it'll all blow over.

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    Well I went to teh doctor the other day to check all that stuff, and they took three vials of blood from me and made me piss in some small as 1 oz cut, which I overflowed. Don't worry bro, that is standard proceedure. I went because I wanted to make sure everything was okay before I considered starting a new cycle. everything checked out, but my BP, course I have a very stressful job, and a stressful girl. GOod luck with the tests though.

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