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    anadrol questions

    I recently purchased some anadrol online. ( I researched the source first). I started taking it 2 weeks ago. I think I see some results, but not what I had expected. Idon't know, maybe its psychological. I'm new to this and was wondering if anyone could tell me if they're real. the pills are blue, round/hexagon shaped. one side has a line, the other side a 50. they don't taste like anything and are rather chalky. anyone seen these? when can I expect to see some real results. I eat fairly well, sleep good, and lift every other day.

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    are you only taking anadrol ??

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    If your taking ana-50 by itself for your first cycle,you either have no idea what your doing or your crazy. P.S. Your discription of ana, sounds like there legit. This board is full of information,have a good look around!

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    I began this cycle im on now
    800mgs of Test cypionate E/W
    400mgs Of DEca Deconate E/W
    50mgs Anadrol for first 25 days
    propionate to kick off and end my cycle.

    I can tell; that Anadrol is an extremely potent androgen and there is no mistaking whether or not you have legit ****. At the begining of this cycle I couldnt even catch my breath in the gym. I feel it was counter productive in a way. It affected my workouts in a negative way at first.

    But heres another one. One time after working out, An hour later I took my blood pressure and pulse with a digital machine and my resting heart rate was about 120 beats per minute.

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