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    Question Tell me what you think of this cycle

    12 week cycle, looking to gain 10 to 15 pounds lean mass, with minimal water retention...

    Week 1-6
    Test Prop. 200mg
    Deca - 200mg

    Week 7-12
    Primo. 300mg
    Winny 150mg

    Clomid week 7 for one a day 7 days
    Clomid week 12 for one a day 13 days

    What do you guys think?

    Current stats, 5'11, 198, 13% bodyfat...

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    prop 100mgs eod
    deca 400mgs/week

    winny 50mgs ED 3-4 weeks at end

    i think thats good

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    Feb 2002
    iron are you saying drop primo altogether?

    Also, shot eod for prop, alot of shots?

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    id say shoot 100 mg prop ED...yes lotta shots, thats why most dont choose it. But its what you said you wanna take, prop has to be inj frequently due to its short half life.
    If you dont wanna inj as often go for somehting like test enth, at say 400-600 mg pr week...less injections...

    and as for the winny...if your running a 10 wk cycle...stick the winny in at week 9 and run till wk 13 50mg ed or 100 mg eod...and start clomid 3 days after winny....

    ps deca is almost useless using it for 6 weeks..doesnt kick in untill about 4.,,,,,gotta run it for 8-10
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