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    clen or hcg causing cold symptoms?

    anyone else had problems with clen or hcg causing cold-like symptoms? I started clen about 3 days ago and hcg this morning and all of a sudden my lungs feel congested and ache a bit and my nose is congested. Plus pretty serious shakes. This is on around 100mcg.

    Should I just power through this or stop and wait for the symptoms to go away?

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    It's probably the clen it's used as an asthma treatment it kind of makes you
    feel kinda ****** for a sec,I had similiar problems but now Iam running 200mcg's
    with no sides,just hold on a sec youll get used to it......
    good luck

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    I've had cold-like symptoms for 3 weeks now. Seemed to start when I used clen , but I've been off the clen for 2 weeks now... Could be something else, I dunno.

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