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    Light or Mild Cycles

    I was reading the post by Tennis god that is always at the top on the Steroid discussion, and someone posted, why dont we provide a list of mild or light cycles, so the young peopl who are getting involved to get in over their head

    So what are some example beginner light and mild cycles

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    i wouldn't say beginners need a light or mild cycle to begin with per say....i think you just dont need to use massive doses to start... and lastly, stick to the basics....test/deca / eq/dbol / winny need to even mention insulin /hgh/dnp etc if your a beginner....
    also dont ask about a 5 week or a 20 week cycle...the answer will always be ......NO
    the best advice i can think of has these things:
    1- moderate doses (test-250 to 500) / (deca 300 to 400)

    2- use 2 injectables (would be nice if one was more androgenic and the other one was more anabolic )

    3- use only 1 oral for around 6 weeks or less

    4- dont taper, it doesnt help

    5- have nolvadex and clomid in your hand or else forget starting...dont say,"i'll get it later when i get the money...99% of the time, something will cause you not to be able to get it...

    6- have at least a basic idea of what all the main items used dont know anyone here and we could be telling you wrong....if a vet tells you to take 4 anadrol a day divided out, would you know he/she is full of shit or take the advice because they are a vet....

    7- post a cycle you want to try...if you cant put together even a bad obviously aren't ready to start....don't say i have this stuff, how should i use it.....

    8- dont make your post so long (like this one)....if you write a book, most either will not read it all or just skim it and you will not get what you want...

    9- and last....there is never a stupid may be told it was covered already to go look it up...this is not a flame to you, it is an answer....most likely if you dont know, there are 10 other people who want to know but will not ask for some reason.....

    also...if your under 20...dont even think about AAS use..

    i think this is my longest post olympic best for me....that time of year you know..haha
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    nice reply viper, very good advice!

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    Was it good ? It was to long, I just skimmed through it.

    Just kidding.... I read everything, everytime. You never know what you might learn.
    Anyway. Yes, very good post Viper.

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