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    My cycle, your thoughts needed...

    Currently Im in 5th week of cycle:

    Week 1-12 Test E 400mg
    Nolva throughtout Cycle and PCT
    Tribulis 3grams throughtout cycle
    Clomid 300/100/50

    My question is I want to get more vascular than what I am now, but like I said im only in my 5th week of test e. Will the test e make me moderatly vascular? I have Winny and was thinking of adding it in weeks 8-12 just for the vascularity prospects. My BF is still higher than it needs to be and I ran going to be running a clen /t3 cycle during PCT to BF in check. Is the Winny a bad idea? Thanks bros

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    id throw in the clen /T3 now... couldnt hurt. it should lower your bf now and decrease water retention, thereby increasing vascularity.

    you could throw the winny in too if you'd like.

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    save the winny bro....and the should run test with t3.....obvisally this will not work during pct...I would wait til after pct to sart to cut or you will risk losing all your gains if you cut cals too soon.......jmo

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    I dont have much knowledge on clen /t3 so im gonna go with the winstrol .. i think winni thru those weeks would help out a ton. Im doing something similar in my cycle with winstrol at the end to help get harder and more defined.

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