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    Masteron problem

    Now, check this out. I started using masteron this week and I'm suffering from some nasty side effects. I get itchy all over and when I say itchy, I mean itchy like h*ll! Just like everybody else I start scratching and that's when the fun starts: I get red all over (it's kind of a nasty rash) and it looks like if I were whipped. I'm not a crybaby, but this itching is killing me. Anyone else ever had this kind of experience with masteron? Is it possible I'm allergic to drostanolone?

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    This is becoming flat out epidemic...There has been a "Rash" of people having reactions to common gears lately.
    I wish I had a legitimate answer for you, but I've never had one single side on Mast.
    Try some Benadryl, see if that helps.

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