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    prop/fina cycle???

    Allright guys me and my buddy are thinking of doing the famous prop/fina combo very soon. however money is a big issue for the both of us and i know 100 ed of prop is ideal. but like i said money is tight do you think 100 eod is ok along with fina at 75 ed. by the way this will be our 2nd cycle. thanks for the help.

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    I would run 75mg prop and 75mg fina minimum ed. Run it for atleast 8 weeks.

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    Yeah, it sounds just fine. 100mg EDO = 350mg a week, combined with 350mg tren a week = great cycle. 100mg prop ED is a cycle into and of itself, if you were running that I would not see the point of tren unless this was a hardcore cutting cycle.

    ED is best for stable blood levels, but if all you can do is EOD thats fine. You could always just do 50mg ED, it equals the same thing.
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    listen to these guys, ed for prop is way better than eod. constant blood levels are a must

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    Running 100mg of Prop EOD and 75mg of Fina ED this will shut you down pretty hard......

    If you can't afford to run a higher dose of Prop then run

    50mg of Prop ED
    50mg of Fina ED

    This way you will not be out doseing your test and with the ED injections you will keep blood levels stable........ If you're prone to libido problem then you may see some when running the cycle this way.............. Proviron will help you out if that problem pops up.

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