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    Sustanon / dbol for the newbies?

    Guys, before I start anything cycle wise I want to make sure I'm not using excess gear that won't help (and presumably only possibly hurt).

    I'm thinking now of injecting 1/3 CC of sustanon 350 EOD (10 WEEKS) and weeks 1-4 dbol @20mg a day.

    This works out to 408mg sustanon weekly and 140mg of dbol weekly for a total of 550mg of gear weekly. Once the dbol is cut off, I will see what to do with sustanon, as maybe I should up it to 1/2 CC EOD to compensate, but I'm not clear on that, so I obviously have some more reading to do.

    Haven't decided if I want to run the nolvadex concurrently or just keep it on hand, but I will have it on hand at the very least. In all likeliness, I'll have liquid nolvadex, which I've heard is just as good.

    I will be starting the cycle at around 5'8, 175 (not sure on the bf, but fairly lean everywhere except glutes and abs are a bit smooth). In recent times I've lost some size and strength, but everything is on the way back up. My max bench press should be around 290 by the time I start and my totals of plifting are about 1,000 (weak link is deadlift between the three lifts). I could wait a while before starting but I don't see a big problem doing things now as long as I'm mentally prepared and have done my homework. I think I can make good gains.

    My cycle plan is keeping in mind a rule I read of 1mg/kg / day of gear.

    I think the first reaction I'll get is "too little, use more gear", etc.

    So is there a general guideline for newbies using gear and upping the dosages? ie, a bodyweight relationship, or is it not so simple? After how many weeks should I assess everything and decide that maybe upping doses would be a good idea?

    Is the 1mg/kg (or 2.2mg/lb) / day of gear a good rule of thumb?

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    I've heard of the 1mg per kg when it comes to dnp use, but never for juice. Anyways, everyone body is different. Low doses work well for some but do nothing for others. Taking into consideration that you are using sust which is weak compared to enanthate or cyp, I would go with 1cc 2x's per week or 1cc e4 days. The dbol dose looks just fine. I don't think that would be over doing it at all. You should make some nice gains off of that, especailly if your diet and training is in order...

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    Thanks for the info. My diet can be found here:

    And here:

    This might vary a bit, and I will need to recalculate my BMR during my cycle, but everything should be in place. My only concern will be water intake - I do get the required 1-2 gallons daily, but the thing is, lately I've been cutting that off before bed so as not to wake up a bunch of times at night. But I have to suck it up and keep the inflow of water more consistent. I will be tweaking that diet as time progresses, but I like it because it's simple and easy to prepare. I haven't counted the calories yet, so I'll do that before I touch the AS and adjust accordingly.

    Again, thanks for the feedback

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