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    first cycle, help a brutha out

    Ok guys I'm looking to do a 1 month bulking cycle. I may only have enough time for about 3 weeks or so. I need to put on 5-10 pounds of lbm for football. My only problem is I may only have access to dbol .I'm looking around for other sources and I would like to get some deca and test or Eq and test if possible. My questions are these: How much $ approx. should it cost for a month of dbol(if that's all I can get)? And how much $ for 3-4 weeks of deca/test or EQ/test?When I get the gear I will follow with the cycling questions. Thanks a bunch

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    Bro, there's no need to even start a cycle. You need at least 10 weeks, it would be a waste of time and money. Do some more research bro.

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    In 3 to 4 weeks there's nothing you can run that will give you LBM gains of 5 to 10 lbs......

    Also 3 to 4 weeks on long acting gear like Enan, Cyp, Deca , EQ will never works because you're not giving enough time to build blood levels.

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    sometimes football players are willing to sacrifice more than anything to be the meanest mother ****er on the field.i was this way with powerlifting so i see where hes coming from. if i were you man the only thing you could do, which is really harsh as a first cycle, is hit up the suspension. if your really willing to do it, 2 injects every day, for 4 weeks straight should put some mass on ya fairly quickly.only problem with suspension is that the gains diminish fairly quick compared to prop or enth/cyp.this is the only thing i can thing of you getting away with if you have the balls and are stupid enough to do it.
    good luck man

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