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    Question Trt question for Swale or any long user.

    OK im the young 29 years old man, who was put on TRT for antidepressant (OCD):
    now i'v get 100mg enant. each week. (my application of the 200mg/2 weeks self home shooting that my doc. gave me)
    Here my new questions:

    1-On some HRT forum, i'v read some people whi have take good dose of quality Tribulus to keep their nuts alive.
    Personnaly before get on TRT, Tribulus work on me, libido, sperm volume, agression...

    What do you think of Tribulus (good quality, big dose:1.5 g/day)o TRT ?

    And Horny goath weed (epimedium) may work to elevate test production, (chinese medecine use it for that), Any infos ?

    2-Testicular shrink
    If my nuts seem to stay to a normal size
    (i know wen they shrink, they have shrink a bit on a dianabol cycle, whit a normal recovery after)

    Ok they seem normal. Do they still produce sperm, do im still fertile???

    3-I want to get more (in shape) and keep at least a low sperm production and nuts working on this stuff.
    I plan to use week1= friday: 100mg, monday 100mg
    week2=friday 100mg
    This is 250 each 2 week for 4 weeks(2x)

    add:ARIMIDEX .25 MG/EACH 4 DAYS (good???)
    +high dose of Tribulus+Horny goat

    after i take one week of break=
    clomid 25 mg/each day+massive dose of trib. and Horny Goat weed

    And then if my nuts still be in shape, restar all this on and on



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    SWALE dosen't post here, you need a low dose of hcg to keep the boys alive 250-500 every 3 or 4 days.


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