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    PROP/FINA...The mind playing tricks...

    Well im only on my 4th day of my cycle.
    FINA- 80MG ED
    PROP-100MG ED

    Ive been feeling really good since i started , nice pumps...But i know this is just my brain messing with me.
    NOw im just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect in the next couple weeks, and whats the average most people wait untill they actually feel this kind of cycle kick in???

    My last cycle was TESTENAN/ DECA ....I know that when 4 weeks went by, i got a stronger and gained weright mostly water...whats the diference here??

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    Well at day may just be experiencing the psychological factors...I see results fairly fast with prop but after the first week 3, I am feeling very week 8...I feel very strong, constant hard-on...felt like I coul;d move a week 4 you will know that it has kicked in!

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