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    chinups Guest

    4th week of test/anavar

    I complete my 4th wk and I feel like monster in the gym. Everyone is asking me what I am on and I did the 130's on incline for 7 which is a all time best..

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    man-g is offline Associate Member
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    Oct 2003
    what doses r u on ?

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    Feb 2004
    on gear

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    Apr 2004
    nice bro what test are you runing with the var, and what doses. someday when i save enough money for that dam var ill do a prop/var cycle

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    chinups Guest
    doing 400 mg a wk test and 35 mg of anavar but I forgot about the top of the needle so i did my 5 wk bottle in 4 so I guess I am doing like 500 a wk maybe. I am going to finish up strong with winstrol 50mg a day for 4 wks..I also gained about 10 lbs

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    chinups Guest
    SUMMER 2004

    Test Cyp 1-10 mon-200-thur-200
    British Dragon Anavar 1-10 40mg a day
    ***Possibly winstrol 50mg eod of zambon 8-12
    L dex eod @1cc

    Milk thistle everyday 3x a day
    Multi V-Super pak by Beverly
    Vit c and e twice afternoon and night
    Flax seed 100mg morning and night
    Post workout shake/ mass recovery

    Post cycle
    L dex ed
    Clomid 300mg day 1/100mg for 10 days then 50mg 10 days
    Clens ed

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    looks good

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