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    Please clear this up for me

    I have heard so many mixed opinions on using ECA while on a cycle. Is it true that using ECA will inhibit gains while on or is it a case by case situation. I have 2 more weeks left on my cycle and want to continue to drop bodyfat. I want to hit Xenadrine after I'm done with clomid, but I don't want to go into a catabolic state either. In May I'm gonna run a prop/dbol /ECA cycle for 8 weeks just to harden up & gain a little more strength. Is the dbol a bad idea to ru with an ECA even if taking .5 liquidex ed?? This confuses me all the time.

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    Well I'm runnin an ECA/Clen throughout mine. But I am running anabolics, so lean mass will be spared more than without the presense of an AS. Keep protein high, and glutamine high!

    Glutamine, 5g wake up.
    5g pre workout
    5g post workout (before shake)
    5g before bed
    **if you wake up to go to the bathroom at night (which we all do)take 5g

    Those are primarily the most catabolic times of the day.
    Eat a WIDE array of amino acids. . .meaning eat different kinds of protein throughout the day. Your body goes catabolic when it can't find the amino acid it is looking for. So, supplying your body with different kinds of aminos throughout the day will keep your amino 'pool' filled up with anything your body needs.

    Have you thought about using clen? It's not necessary at all, Xenadrine will do just fine, just make sure you follow those two steps I have wrote out above and you shouldn't lose too much.

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    I don,t believe that you need to consume that much glutamine and i have never seen any studies that confirm taking those sorts of amounts will provide extra benefits I would say 15g at the most.At 25g aday it would cost more for the glutamine than your whole cycle LOL

    PPP is right keep the protein high and keep it varied,I would prefer to do Eq/Winny/ECA if I was cutting and cycle the clen and ECA every 2 weeks.

    Using D-bol could lend itself to a lot of bloat if you are looking to get lean and hard I would drop the D-bol

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    I personnally keep stimulant such as ECA or Clen for cutting cycles, if on a bulking cycle I discontinue ECA or Clen, I don't like ECA and would not use it anymore for a pre-workout boost, no point the fire coming from inside

    depending on size 10-30g L-glutamine ED is sufficient.

    Best times morning, before training and before bed.

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