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    i have done alot of reading but!!!!!

    i have done alot of reading but its all to much to take in there is just to much stuff. i ned a mentor. i am 23 years old i way 165 i am 510 i have some bodey fat not quit sure how much any were from 5to 10 percent. i am very active my job and life i have been working out on an off since i was 16 never realy got any visual changes i am just coming back to working out from not doing it for a couple of years i have been in the gym now for a month. i was dumb and started taking winstrol tabs two a day for a week now but after some reading i have stopped this. i really would like to improve my strength and looks but i dont need to get huge i would rather stay avg but with very good cuts. but working out alone just doesnt work fast enough for me i need help a mentor if u will. i would like to way arounfd 180 pounds have good cuts. if some one could give me some guidlines a push in the right direction it would be great cause i dont want to walk this path blind. but im desperate so if i get no help im probably going to try it alone . i will wait to se if some one will help me because i dont want to hurt myself. thank u if ur going to respond to this.

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    You should start by reading the edu forums about clomid and nolva etc.
    Then after that do a search on "test only cycles".
    That should get you started...

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    please ee my response in your other thread on this subject...I am very willing to help, but nobody is going to do the research for you. I am glad you are stoping the winny (good discision).post your workout and your diet and we can start there. I do not want to see you hurt either so lets slow down and do this right and start at the begining (diet and workout)

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    Well 1st off...bravo for man'ning up and making the choice to do the right thing. 2nd, forget gear for now...get your diet (more important than gear really), training, and rest in order.
    I usually tell guys your size to start on a power lifter type routine (we have a forum dedicated to this on here). That will build a crazy good foundation!

    I dont know anything about you, but will bet my left one that youre not eating enough. I have said this a million times and will keep saying it.......
    Eating is the hardest and most important part of bodybuilding! If you eat like a beast and often...train with as heavy of weights that you can handle safely....and get a good 8 hours of sleep every will grow! You body will have no choice. Keep a journal as well, you'll be glad you did!

    Youve come to the right place man...


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    Yeah if you say that you have been working out for that long and havent seen much of a size increase. Then like these guys said you have to learn how to eat. If you are 160lbs and cant gain wieght naturally then your workout and diet is in question. Thats really good that you are reading but like said concentrate mainly on how to perform a good PCT, and 500mgs of testosterone ( any kind) a week would be good for a good first cycle. But if you cant gain wieght naturally then you need to learn how to. otherwise you wont get the most out of your cycle. The time to learn how to eat and workout is not while on a cycle. Steroids are not magic. I have seen people that when it was all over and done they where no bigger than when they started. I personally think books are the best way to learn the principles of working out, using gear, or dieting. Mis-arranged articles that are designed for readers that have an advanced knowledge of bodybuilding isnt the best reading material for a Newbie. One book that helped me alot was Arnolds Encyclopidia of modern Body building, Helped me alot. It tought me the mental side of working out that I have not seen addressed any where else. In the book Arnold talks about putting his students through 100set squat workouts just to push their mind thru the mental barrier most people have. I personally train my legs not to make them bigger( as far as im concerned they are big enough) but to weekly push myself mentally.

    I see guys that are about your size at the gym all the time doing lengthy workouts (flex magazine workouts) with cardio at the end everytime. If you ask them if they eat breakfast. They will tell you No!!! I reply then your not gonna grow. You cant not eat 12 hours out of the day and expect to grow. I am 270lbs and man I get sick of eating I have to pretty much eat nonstop!!! Thats the main thing Eating. You have to ingest protein before you go to bed, in the middle of the night if you wake up, and as soon as you wake up.Period!!!!!!

    The idea that everyone new has, is that they want to cut up and put 20lbs of lean muscle mass is a great idea. But dont think of it like that. you are either on a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle. Do not try to do both, you wont get the most out of either goal. If you are already lean then most likely your not gonna gain that much fat mass anyways.

    I think if you final goal is to be 180lbs, you can totally do that naturally. And I would think it should be the first step in your personal goals. With diet,working out, rest, and supplements. If you take creatine properly than you can gain 10lbs of pump. All for under 50 bucks.

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    concentrate on your diet, training, and rest- while youre doing this; learn up on AS and THEN decide if this is something you are willing to do

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