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Thread: hair loss

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    hair loss

    problem with hair loss, i know nizoral helps but is there anything else anyone can reccomed i have looked all over the site and cant find anything. thanks for the help

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    i think its called propecia. thyat is supposed to work well

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    Propecia and Rogaine can only help with hairloss on the back-top (crown) of the hair, if u have a receding hairline from the front then you can only help it with a hair transplant or u can seriously slow it down using Revivogen( or if u dont like lotions then the pills( are good. I personally use a combination of Revivogen lotion every night and the pills Procerin, my hairloss has completley stopped and my hair is very thick and healthier and darker, i know i have to use it as long as i want to keep the hair but i need it while i'm young.

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