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    Finaplix Question

    I was thinking of taking a cycle of Finaplix just to maintain my gains that I have gotten this summer from my last cycle. I would be doing the cycle during this upcoming basketball season. Would it be a good idea to run this cycle? I read some posts of people being extremely depressed and a bunch of other stuff from just running fina, but I haven't experienced any severe negative symptoms from fina. I know it's not a huge cycle, but all I'm really trying to do is maintain my gains and maybe gain a little more, because a season can be really taxing on the body. Anybody have any good info? Thanx

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    if you want your willy to not run it with out test

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    No it's not a good idea...... fina will shut you down hard.... you could end up with some bad sides.... like no libido, depression, mood swings......... test should always be the base of all your cycles.

    There are not many AS I would run alone but anavar is one that I would....... it will still suppress your HPTA but it isn't that bad on it either.......

    One thing is that you shouldn't depend on gear to keep you from losing muscle or gaining....... depend on food and training

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