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    Sum questions on Winni V

    hey I'VE been trying to lose weight and I have been but it seems like its not working as good as i hoped. I take legal supplements like xenadrine and I'm too scared to use steroids but im just curious to see if any one could tell me what kind of fat loss and how quick it is with Winstrol V. Thanks

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    winny won't burn fat, it will harden your muscle which can give the illsuion of fat loss.. and it helps retain muscle whiel dieting..

    search "winstrol " in this forum and check oout the steriod profiles on the main page

    to me it dosn't seem your ready to take the plunge, btw a winny only cycle isn't the best

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    Winstrol V is a legal steroid I think. Stick with the real thing if you don't want to waste your money

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