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    Ran into a cycle problem

    I am on a 10 week test cycle, unfortunately I had to mix enanthate w/ Cyp. I have been taking 500mg of enan. for 5 weeks, now it is gone and I am finishing the last 5 weeks w/ cyp. My problem is that it is not as strong as the enan. and I have 10ml at 200mg/ml. So my options are to continue the 500mg a week and cut the cycle short or go w/ 400mg a week and end out at 10 weeks, which will be better?

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    either or really, personally i would always go higher dose, shorter time, cos the other way you are keeping ur hpta shut down for longer and are not really gaining the benefits of enough juice to make it worthwhile, saying that i wouldnt do test alone as it is


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    thats enough cypionate to take it at a 500mg dose for 4 more weeks. Go for it.

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    They are almost the same (except for one less carbon) I would bump it to 500mg as well.

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