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    Body Temp w/T3 and Clen mix

    Hey bros,

    I will start my cycle in a wk or so. Of EQ, tren and prop, I am also adding t3 and clen to the mix.
    I got a great cycle for the t3 and clen. 7days on 5 days off. My question is, I was told to monitor my body temp, by taking my temp in the morning. To help monitor my t3 using, but I thought that clen was supposed to increase body temp, wouldn’t this throw it off. I don’t want to adjust the t3 if the clen is making the change.

    Any info?


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    well, for my i noticed that clen didn't increase my body temperature, more so my heart rate. But i suppose u could take clen for a bit to see if it does increase ur body temperature or not, then if it doesn't, add t3 and ulll know that any increases in body temp from t3 are as a result of the t3

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    I haven't noticed much of a temp increase so much as HR with clen mentioned, maybe try it first for a week or so to see if there are any changes, if not, throw in the T3...and yes, make sure you keep track of your BBT.

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    If by chance your BBT goes up with the addition of clen , simply decrease the dose of one or the other to keep your Resting temp below 98.8, i don't think it will effect your BBT that much, probably not enough to put you into a hyper state.

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