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Thread: please help me,

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    please help me,

    Hi everyone. I am brand new at this and I want the advice of all the experts. My brother and I have the same gear and are hitting it together, and I need advice on which plan looks better, #1 or #2. My stats are: I am 26 years old, 5'11 and 185lbs. I work out frequently, but want to get HUGE AND STRONG. This is ALL I HAVE, and no way for ANYTHING else. I am not really worried about any sides that may come from the stuff I am lacking right now. If these are BOTH bad lineups can you please help put something together that I can get results from with what I have? Thanks again for ALL your help.

    Serostim 5mg (x5)
    Deca QV 300 10ml (x2)
    Super TEST-250 10ml (x3)
    Stan QV 10 (200 tablets)

    500 mg Supertest 250 wk/ weeks 1-12
    50 mg EOD Stan QV 10 weeks 10-15

    500 mg/ Supertest-250 weeks 1-10
    400 mg/ Deca 300 weeks 2-10
    50 mg/ Stan qv10 weeks 5-10

    As always please critique and let me know what you think. After all, you guys are the experts.

    Also, how would 5mg of Serostim effect this stack? Would anyone use it with this, and where, how much, and when? Thanks again.

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    is this your first cycle? if so, i'd just do the test 500mg and deca 400mg weekly... split the injections to twice a week...

    save the rest for the next cycle...

    first time doing gear, keep it simple... also make sure you stock up on Nolva and B12 to prevent gyno... also clomid for PCT. get these things first before you start the gears...

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    If you are splitting the gear you dont have enough. The super test is underdosed so 2cc a week would really only be like 360mg. Thats enough to grow but not on its own. Dont run the serostim. Also if you run the deca dont go above 300mg.

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