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    I have testosterone 200 what do i do?

    I was wondering how much i should take a week, how many times a week, pretty much anything you can tell me. Sorry im a newbie have only previously taken D-balls.

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    USE THE SEACH BUTTON THt should tell you all the basic

    then post your cycle and we will help you

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    I have testosterone 200 what do i do?

    I have testosterone 200 what do i do?

    Get some more !!!!

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    definately before you start shootin it .. verify the concerntration.. the mg of test per ml, this will of course determine your cc's and ed or eod intervals.

    Also get yourself some nolvadex and Liquidex for anti estrogen as to not get man tits and run it everyday, your doseage will be dependant on how prone you are to gyno. Get some clomiphene (clomid) for post cycle therapy and start it 3 days after the last shot of test.

    Once you have all of your gear and pct set up .. then come up with mock cycle.


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