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    Is this enough gear?

    I know I've posted a lot lately (and thanks to all who have replied!), but I think I've finally basically got everything down and was looking for some final words. I have:

    2X10mL Sustanon 350
    177 dbol tabs
    36 Clomid

    I'll be running something similar to this:

    week 1-4 Thai Dbols @ 25mg/day
    week 1-10 Sust350 @350mg 1/2CC EOD
    Clomid therapy three weeks after last sust350 shot ran as follows:

    Day 1 - 300mg
    Day 2-11 - 100mg/day
    Day 12-21 - 50mg/day

    I can also get an additional 36 clomid from my source and I found this product on a research company site:

    "Liqua-Nolva is USP24 grade tamoxifen citrate suspended in liquid for easy, accurate measuring. It is offered in a 20mg/mL concentration, the vial contains 50mL of solution."

    Will one vial be enough? And should I pick up those extra clomid from my source or is that not needed?

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    everything looks kewl to me... i'd get an additional two bottles of Nolva if it's 50ml per bottle...

    20mg x 12weeks x 7 days = 84 days during your cycle... at 20mg
    You should also do 20mg after cycle and during PCT as well... keep in mind to keep stock additional dosage in case of gyno complication, then you need to bump the dose up to 60-80mg ED until the problem goes away.

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