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    Is this possible!!

    ok fellas ive been thinking of starting a cycle sometime soon. I just wanted to ask one question. Of all the posts ive read i have not heard one person say i put together a perfect cycle and didnt gain a thing. Is it possible? Because if it is then its probably a waste of my time because i cant gain weight no matter what i try. Just wondering if its possible to put together the perfect cycle and see no weight gain. Because its almost impossible for me to gain weight.

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    try a deca /dbol stack

    As the god of AS Dan Duchane says "if you can't grow on deca+dbol fugedaboutit!"

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    There is no place like ho
    amen brutha.. I am all for dbol /deca combo..

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    if you are a hard gainer and a first time user try the classic first timers cycle of
    sus@500mg wk 1-8
    deca 400 mg wk 1-8
    dbol @35-50 mg ed wk 1-4
    proper diet and training you i can garentee 15-20 lbs.
    kepp the diet and traing up and you will keep just about all of it.

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    As my name says - I'm a big lover of tren for strength and mass gains- I think one of the most effective and cheapest cycles for mass/strength is a test/tren cycle- for 8-10 weeks followed by clomid- and depending on your level- ending the test-ester two weeks before the end of the cycle and continuing with the tren so you only have to wait 3 days to start clomid therapy- try it and I promise huge gains-

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    I would not call deca /dball/test a beginners cycle actually i think its a bit too much. What are your "stats", age height weight bodyfat and hoe does your diet look. Do you have a good work out routine???

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