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    Any Input

    I checked things out with a pal at the NCAA and my team won't be tested until postseason assuming we make a bowl. So here is an idea I had:
    wk 1-6, test 250 twice a week, 1ml winny EOD,
    wk 1-4, d-bol not sure of dose
    wk 6-12, test EQ not sure of dose, 1ml winny ED

    My Logic: is bulking the first half and then hardening up the second half while still putting on a lil mass. Finishing about halfway through the season, starting PCT and being clean by the postseason.

    : the first six weeks is the same cycle(minus the d-bol) I used for my brief 3 week cycle and gained like 10-15 pounds no problem.

    d-bol, because I heard its good fo a novice

    week six is the start of camp, EQ beacuase I heard its good for lean mass and I'll be less bloted than with regular test. Upping the winny dosage for the same reason.

    let me know what you think, what I should change etc. or if I'm misinformed about something. Or if this is too rough for a second cycle or more like my first cause the previous was so short.

    I aprecitate the help!

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    EQ needs at least 12 weeks and Winny should be used at 50mg a day at least.

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    1-4 dbol 25-30 ed
    1-12 test e or cyp 400-500 week
    1-11 eq 300-400 week
    (9-14 winny 50 ed --> id save winny for another cycle)

    if u want to cut a little bit after this, u can use clen /eca (2on-2off) startin same day as pct. it will help u with fat loss (remember diet and cardio) and with energy too!

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    Id use shorter acting esters, no sense risking anything.


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    EQ is a long acting ester, it takes around 4-5 months to totally clear the system from detection. You might want to use a shorter acting ester.

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    what division of football Do u play D-1, D-2, or D-3 ?

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    If there is any prayer of getting tested, dont run the gear. Alot of bros posted on here panicked because they are in a cycle and getting a surprise test.

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    That would be a great cycle while playing football if you don't care about your joints at all. I dont see why everyone wants to use steroids during season.Football is not about muscles. Your not training for the olympia.Something else to consider is that since its only your 2nd cycle,your going to be dealing with side effects during season. Are you prepared for that? Will you be ready for pct?

    Why not start bulking after the last game and add the weight and coordination together. Not just weight all at once and you might be bigger and more muscular but I guarantee you that your skills will diminish somewhat. JMO
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