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Thread: clomid!?

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    my cycle is almost wus of test e and deca for 13 weeks..i should take clomid 3 weeks after my last injection or 2 weeks after my last injection..and i was wondering how i would do it!?(how much each day?) not sure..some dude told me ur suppose to inject clomid..and i herd ur suppose to take it orally!?thanks!im new at this! might sound stupid..but its better off asking then being sorry!

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    err u don't inject clomid for a starter,

    secondly , have a read of Pheednos PCT,
    Pheedno's PCT

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    Its important to have all this taken care of before you start a cycle. Ideally, you should run Test-E a week longer than Deca so both clear at same time. In that case, start pct 2 weeks following last shot of Test-E. However, if you stop both compounds at the same time then start pct 3 weeks following last shot (since Deca's active life is 21 days).

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