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    need help with cycle

    is it ok to keep winstrol for 9 weeks?

    cuz i want some real cutter at the start of the cycle to, i know EQ is good, but i want something else too

    i'm thinkin of doing this

    week 1-10 t400 400mg/ml
    week 1-10 t200 200mg/ml
    week 1-10 EQ 600mg
    week 2-10 winny 75mg
    week 3-10 T3 75mcg max tappering 11 days up, 18 days on, 30 days down (cycleon's formula)


    week 1-4 t3 tapper 5/40/55, max at 100mcg
    week 1-10 EQ 600mg/wk
    week 1-10 T200--400mg/wk
    week 3 50mged winny
    week 4-9 100mged winny
    week 10 50mged winny

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    That's a lot of winny either way. Why do you think you need so much? It's your liver bro, but I wouldn't run it for more than six weeks or even take that much per day.

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    9 weeks is too long. Do it 6 weeks max (50mg/day). Get rid of that T400 and use T200 at 600mg/week. Use test and EQ from weeks 1-10 and Winny from weeks 7-12. Then start Clomid therapy. As far as T3, I have no clue.

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    there's another guy on here who's having health problems after running it for 14 weeks! I lost the thread, but its floating around. I would play it safe and run it no more than 5

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