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    Clen during cycle or post cycle?

    Ok here's the scoop. I'm taking 250 mg sustanon every 3 days for 60 days. I'm about halfway through. I wanted to stay relatively lean and avoid water retention as much as possible. So I'm taking .25mg l-dex perday, about to start my nolvadex which will run through my pct (clomid for 20 days 3 weeks after last shot). Also to avoid water retention I am doing cardio 3-4 x weekly for 30 minutes and (kynoselen 1cc daily). I plan on ending the second half of my cycle and up until my pct with either winny or fina. My question is, should I start taking the clen at the same time I start my winny/fina, or wait until i start my pct's? Will the use of clen during my cycle hinder my gains? So far I am right on track, staying lean, gained about 9-10 lbs solid, no water retention. But I want to be shredded when all is said and done. Currently about 12-13% BF. Diet is fairly good now, but I will start carb cycling after cycle.

    Any help greatly appreciated....

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    You can run it either, but remember that clen should be cycled 2wks on/2wks off so try and time your clen so that you'll start when you start your PCT. After a period of 2wks on your body will start to build a tolerance to the clen and in essence will be ineffective.

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    Clen is supposed to actually help the effectiveness of the "gear"....I would run it with it,,,

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