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    I live in Maryland.

    diet questions for high metabllism

    I have a lot of trouble making gains no matter what I take. I lift vary hard but it still takes me a lot. If I didnt lift I would probably be about 135 lbs at 5'11" so you see my metabolism is very high. Recently I just started eating like a horse. Let me know how much carbs and calories I should couple with 200 - 225 g protein a day. That is the only thing I keep track of, but Id like to keep track of my carbs and cals too so I can make maximum gains over the next 9 weeks while Im on cyp. Thanks fellas.

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    Read the bulking sticky in the diet forum as to see correct macro proportions. I've never really tried to bulk, it just happens when I eat anything.

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    Say hi to charm city for me, Anyway, Im in the same boat you are. The only way I can gain weght is to completley throw out cardio for a while. You have to bulk first. I wouldnt do any cardio while on your cycle. You can burn down at anytime with your metabolism.

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    gunitmoss, just eat eat eat, you're eating 6-8 meals a day ya? But like leanmachine said, dont do cardio during your cycle, when your bulking

    save it till after, you want to get the max results (gains) possible

    bulking: body weight x 16-17
    maintenence: body weight x 14
    cutting: body weight x 10-12

    thats the rough figures for the amt of cals needed for each, and then use 40/40/20 for carbs/protein/fat

    hope this helps

    and before anyone comments, the way to get the amt of cals is a rough way of getting the amt, some may require more/less

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    I like the advice given so far, but remember....shakes arent food, so if more than 25% of your nutrition comes from them...youre not doing too good.

    Cardio is your enemy, and do like Arnold used to say....

    When trying to gain weight...never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand still, never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never stay awake when you can sleep.

    You are going to have to force feed, which also means waking up mid way through your sleep to eat.

    Have a meal right before you go to bed and as soosn as you wake up....
    Dont get too picky on how many grams of this or that right now, just make sure you eat tons of meat,pasta, dairy, etc.

    Also, 9 weeks is really too short for the Cyp.


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    Dude, you're going to want to make sure that when you gain weight, it doesn't end up being a lot of fat. If you put quality mass on then it will be that much easier to cut up later. I'd like to second the suggestion by supirman45 to check out the diet forum.

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