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    SSRIs and other contraindications for clen and other steroids

    Ey whatsup guys first post here.
    I was wondering what are the interactions or contraindications of many steroids with certain anti depressants, namely SSRIs and MAOIs.
    I read that clenbuterol cannot be taken if you have taken MAOIs. Now, since I take SSRIs and have been for more than a year, it seems risky as Im not even sure if its corelated or not.
    So if anyone can help me out with this -------> Contraindications and interactions with SSRIs and MAOIs especially steroids(beginner mass such as test enanth dbol etc) and clenbuterol.
    I appreciate it!
    Also just to keep you the thread on its way, my SSRI took 6 weeks to kick in. I dont know if im dependant or not on them as I havent gotten off of them.
    I plan to soon as Im starting my new term.
    All helps appreciated!

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    I take anti-depressants and clens. both worked with no problems (i'm aware of)

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    Very rarely will you every run across a MAOI. I have only seen 2 different people
    on them in over 10 years of practice. Taking a MAOI & a stimulant such as
    clen or ephedrine can lead to a hypertensive crisis & possible heart attack or stroke.
    Most doc's won't prescribe MAOI's anymore b/c of the risk of otc interactions.
    As long as you are taking a SSRI (paxil/prozac/zoloft, etc) you should have no problem.
    I hope this answers your question.

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    The neighbors cat acidentaly ingested 1g of syrian rue extract along with 40mcg`s of clen a couple of times. He told me he got a bit of headache but no biggie. No strokes, or other crisis. But better stay on the safe side I think!

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    Quote Originally Posted by On-my-way View Post
    I take anti-depressants and clens. both worked with no problems (i'm aware of)
    I work with a lot of people using Prozac or Paxil that use AAS and CLEN without any interactions.

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