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    eca and clen at same time?

    I'm going into a hard natural cut. I dont want to downregulate my AAS recepters for a cut so it's all going to be natural. It's hard for me to control my appatite without ECA and I want to use clen for the anti catabolic properties. Can I run ECA and Clen together in low doses. I know you have to run clen 2wk on 2 wk off or 2 day on or 2 day off.........but does anyone see a problem with me combining a low dose of both so I can get both the appetatie killing of ECA and the muscle preservation of CLEN? Also I have bunches of anavar ........ Would it be okay to throw that in while on this hard cut to preserve some muscles. Will Anavar kill my recepters as bas as if I was on Test with other AAS? Also thinking about starting up my years worht of gh while doing this but am kinda thinking it's a waste to cut on gh.....but then again I'll be where I want within a month and then can start a lean bulk as soon as the gh is really kicking in.

    help out

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    Ive been looking into clen for sometime now. You should just take ECA on your off time and take Taurine while taking clen. Its all in the handbook.

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