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Thread: Accutane and AS

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    Accutane and AS

    Hey bros, got a quick question. Looking at what I got lined up for my cycle in the next few weeks. I was wondering if accutane as rough as it can be on your liver is it not heathly to take while on AS. I know my brother is on it and he has blood work once a month. I tend to break out really bad on my arms chest and back, tetracycline just doesnt cut it anymore. any suggestions?

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    Its not just rough on the liver, its rough on the brain, skin, central nervous system and other internal organs. I wouldn't reccomend using it without a prescription period, especially on cycle when your hormones are going to be messed up. Imagine post cycle depression combined with accutain won't be pretty. IMO don't mess with it.

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    IVe taken that **** and it makes your depressed. I dont know about taking that while on steroids

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    Absolutely under no circumstances to be combined with any orals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisAdams
    Absolutely under no circumstances to be combined with any orals.
    YES! I wouldn't use it with any juice. I took accutane a long time ago and it worked great (was absolute hell though). My first cycle pretty much undid the effects of the accutane.

    Take a look at B5, for most it works better then accutane and wont turn your liver to swiss cheese.

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