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    Does anyone know about Kynoselen?

    How do you stack it? Does it really work?

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    Oh man this is a popular question.

    Kynoselen is a vet product that prevents muscle wasting disorders in animals and also promotes lean muscle growth.It is more of an anti - catabolic product.There is a human form called Kyno H which is in pill form and legal within the USA.The opinon of the human form is that it sux.the vet product is certainly better of the two and it is injectable.

    Although this is a big hit with Europe inc France where it is manufactured there are mixed reviews about it some say it is good for helping become lean whilst others say it is no better than a very good vitamin.No body really understand how it works as the ingrediants are basically vitamins

    I think the people who do use it use it more as a post cycle product to discourage muscle loss as for doses I,m unsure.

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    I jus got my kynoselen. This has been my second day on it. 1cc w/ a insulin syringe to the tricep. Rotating tricep. Im shooting my arm because I read from JF that its good for site injections. In my opinion since it still early I can see my tricep expand. I feel like it does has properties to it that swell. And the pump has been good. I suggest thou that kynoselen should be used post. Because of the anticatabolic properties since its for muscle wasting. Not really for building. And it has mag and allot of minerals. So bulking up and retaining water during a cycle would increase the risk of kidney stones.

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