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    Minimim Fina Cycle

    I was thinking about throwing 5 weeks of Fina into my cycle.

    I havent started my cycle yet so this is a thought. Would 5 weeks at 400mg/week do anything for me or should I save the money for the Fina for another cycle?

    Any other possible ways for me to throw Fina into mycle and to have it used effectively?

    Currently this is the cycle I'm going to run

    1-8 Test Prop 50mg ED
    3-8 Winny Tabs 50mg
    Nolva throughout and PCT

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    That would be enough, however I would still sugest waiting till next time

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    IM runing about 65mg ED of fina for 5 weeks also. I would recommend the same if you havent taken fina before

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    My first cycle last summer, which I eget doing for the fact that I jumped headfirst into gear without knowing what the hell I was doing, was straight up Tren 350-400mg a week for 12 weeks.

    Would 50mg ED along side the Prop be worth it?

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