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    To Tren or to Deca, that is the question...

    I am planning my next bulking cycle, and I was thinking of using tren acetate along side with my test blend I concocted. I also have some deca 200mg @ 20ml, but all the research I've done clearly states not to use tren and deca together because they can cause a progestin induced case of gyno, and I read that that can't be remidied with nolva.

    Has anyone used tren with deca and test, I know tren and deca with no test will kill your libido , and I don't want that to happen so I added in the test . I've used tren and test before with d-bol and loved it. Come to think of it, never used deca before, so I don't know what to expect except that I need to be on it for at least 12 wks. because it's a slow builder.

    Am I over paranoid about the gyno from progestin? I've done other cycles that all had a base of at least 1000mg of test/wk. and no gyno.

    So, should I stack the tren, deca and test all together? Here's what my next cycle's gonna look like...
    -300mg. test blend EOD (100mg. prop, 200mg. cyp) wk.1-10
    -400mg. deca EW wk.1-10
    -75mg. tren EOD wk.1-7
    -30-40mg. winstrol ED wk.6-10

    Do you think this looks good? I'm almost tempted to hold off on the tren and save it. Please, let me know.

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    id do either tren or deca , but not both

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