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    Clenbuterol and T3

    Any suggestions on dosages for T3 and Clen and how long to run them?

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    have a look at Mallets T3 posts

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    never run t3 so i'm not exactly sure, but clen just depends on the person. I had to run 140mcg (7 tablets) to even feel the effects.......always start off with one though and up it from there to assess tolerance. Shakes can get pretty bad. Run clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.shred
    Any suggestions on dosages for T3 and Clen and how long to run them?
    Badcamaro has laid out the clen info for you...In regards to t3 you really need to monitor your BBT to dose yourself accurately. READ " testing your thyroid function" for instructions on how to check your BBT..also READ "thyroid post cycle therapy " this is a must if your considering running t3 IMO. Take your BBT for four days to get a start point or baseline and from there you can gauge how far away you are from the optimal range...that being 97.6-98.2 in a euthyroid (normal) state, but when cycling t3 you can actually go as high as 98.2-98.8 without becoming catabolic. Watch for any Hard sign to stop! like a drop in BBT of .8 deg or more from one day to the next, not throughout the day? if your resting temp (RT) was 98.2 deg everyday for 4 days then one morning it's 97.2 that would be a sign to stop! The t3 you are taking is now inhibiting your progress rather than stimualting your fat loss.

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