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    Question knotting up..advice???

    Hey bros whats up...getting ready to start my 5th week of test e only cycle
    on monday.... After injection day lets say thurs. after inject day everything
    is good that night or next day i'll have a nott were the inject spot is it
    dosn't hert it is very sore I'm doing 500mg test e a week 250mg mon. and
    250mg thurs. pin size is 22g 1 1/4" is this normoll or what going on??
    ................ your advice will help out alot..........
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    Scar tissue - rotate sites and use your 22's draw and get something smaller to inject (25g perhaps)

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    where are you injecting? when i inject into calves, i usually get a small internal knot. if i massage it for about 3 or 4 minutes it goes away.

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    yeah bro... gotta switch the sites for injection. if you plan on doing this for a long time, you gotta reduce the chances of building up scar tissues... listen to the bros and get some 25g 1in pinz...

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