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    Powerlifting Cycle

    Has anyone heard of this cycle this is what I ve heard from my steroid source. 3weeks on 6 weehs off for 1 year

    1-3 D bol 30mg/day
    1-3 Halotestin 30mg/day
    1-3 Winni 30mg/day
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    bye bye liver

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteyk
    bye bye liver
    Yep. Mine as well add check drops to that

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    Im not sure that would be a very effective cycle. Now this is me im talking about but I have noticed that I dont see very dramatic strength increases untill late into a cycle, even after my 4-6 weeks of orals are done. Im at week 10-11 and I am just now seeing major weight increases. I have to see what week im on, im gonna quit in a week or two.

    really if you are not use to taking that many orals all at once you probally wouldnt be able to workout very well. Thats enough androgens to keep your heart rate up near cardio pace during your entire workout.

    I love halos but even at 20mg dose I have had a nose bleed from them, while on other gear as well.

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