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    CUT UP CYCLE and Baldness?!?!?!?!?!

    alright Im about to start a cutting cycle for this summer. Im doing 300mg of Equipoise a week for 12 weeks and then 200mg of winstrol a week for 6 weeks followed by clenbuterol at the end. Is doing 50mg every other day of winstrol and 300mg of Equipoise not enough because i have done many cycles before but im now looking to cut up. Im also trying to keep the dosages low to keep from getting a receeding hairline even though i shouldnt get get one because of my heriditary traits. Im not looking to blow up or anything but i do want to gain alot of lean muscle and keep it. what should I do and can i stay away from the hairloss situation with this cycle because im only 20yrs old and dont want to be bald when im 25. lol

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    Both the compounds your looking at using are notorious for hair loss, especially if your prone to it. Especially winny.

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    With very few exceptions, all steroids will cause significant hairloss if you are predisposed. It's part of the game. Drop the winny and use test instead. Then you can use finasteride and curb some of the hairloss.

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