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    Looking for some stack input?

    Im just looking for some outside input on how I should run my next stack?
    The cycle I plan to run would be something like I listed bellow:

    Wks 1-8 (Im an MMA guy so I really like hitting short bursts cycles 8wks, so my off time isnt so long)
    Equip 100mg E.O.D.
    Tren 150mg a wk
    Prop 100mg E.O.D.
    Stan 50mg E.O.D.
    Methandriol Dipropionate 150mg a wk
    (along with the 4 I.U. of GH that Im already taking)

    I was told on recent post of mine that it may be better for me to run Masteron instead of Stan. I have never used Masteron before so I was wondering what difference I should expect.

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    I don't think running the EQ for only 8 weeks is worth it so you could drop that. Try running prop at 400-500mg weekly or 75mg ED or 150 EOD. Tren should probably be min. 40mg ED or 80 EOD. Can't comment on the rest but maybe you should do a bit more research.

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    Need to up the dosages as stated before, I would run it like this

    1-8 prop 75mg ed
    1-7 tren 75mg ed
    2-8 winny 50mg ed

    Would only suggest mast if you are under 12% body fat. If so drop the winny and run 50mg ed weeks 1-8

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