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    adding sustanon to deca cycle

    hey ppl, i need some good advice on my current cycle. I am 21 5'5 154 pounds with approx 11 to 13% body fat, have been lifitng for 5 yrs now and almost religiously for the last 2 years, 3 to 4 times a week. This is my first cycle and i'm currently on 400 mg deca a week currently on week 4, have gained 5 pounds so far on the cycle but this i'm thinking is just from more intense workouts and additional food consumption. Thinking of adding sustanon 250 at 500 mg a week from now on? b/c i'm not seeing the gains i want. Would this be a good idea? I have all the pct ready, including nolva, and liquidex. What advice would you give on how to proceed with my current cycle?

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    ...yes adding a test would be recommended and you probably should not have started with deca alone. I myself would go with test e 500mg weekly- 250mg E4D and deca 200mg E4D.

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    Well Deca at 400 a week isnt really a "cycle"...adding some sort of test is highly encouraged...I have better suggestions than Sustanon but if it is all you can get- by all means. Keep the test slightly higher, remmeber PCT, keep a clean diet, lots of water and a good w/out plan- you should be on track.

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    bro you shouldn't have started your cycle without test....deca shuts you down hard....and test will make recovery alot easier....i would get a some prop and start shooting 75mgs a the prop 4 weeks past your last deca shot....then start PCT a day after your last prop shot....and i hope you have clomid for PCT there buddy....or those family jewls of yours wont be working right for a while....JMO

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    Add more calories and a single ester test such as Test-Eth or Cyp.

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