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Thread: Swelling???

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    Question Swelling???

    I just took a shot of T400 last night in the Deltoid. I've used Sustanon and T250 before and never had a little swelling in that area. Is that common? I used a 25 guage 1 inch needle. Thanks, for any info.

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    When I used T400 in a cycle I was doing 1/2ml split into 1/4ml each to cut down on inject/pain volume, but I was wrong. Almost every shot I took of T400 caused some sort of swelling, and pain too I might add. Don't worry though, as this is more then likely due to the high concentration of BA in it. If you want you could cut it with b-12m and that should help with the pain/swelling. I never did and the swelling lasted throughout the cycle. Guess I just got used to it.

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    Just nature of the beast that stuff is brutal from what I have heard. It takes a lot of solvent to hold that stuff together at 400mg, thats why its so painful

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