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    Cool Cycle, what gains should be expected?

    I posted earlier with a question regarding possible gains on the cycle im about to jump on.

    Weeks 1-8 test prop 150mg eod
    4-8 win 50mg eod

    Clomid PCT 300mg ed week 1
    150 ed week 2
    100 ed week 3

    Currently Im 6'2" 225 lbs and around 16% BF, my goals is to lower my BF while gaining strength and not too much mass since I already have a good amount of it.

    What do u guys think???

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    oh also if you would recommend adding something to the cycle for joint pain/liver problems or anything else then let your opinions fly

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    Diet and excercise is a major contributing factor towards gains, if you eat right and excercise right you should be able to make significant gains with that cycle, i had done something similar and brought my BF down 4% from 9 to %5, i didnt gain much mass but it looked like i did proportionaly since my waisteline was much smaller

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