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    Smile Sides

    i stated my first cycle four weeks ago and my mates have said im losing my temper very quickly and being very aggresive can anyone input .i feel good and confident i dont think im losing my temper but i do feel more aggresive what do u think im taking

    50 mg oxymetholone ed
    200 mg deca every 3 days

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    IMO, and I may be wrong, but IMO not eveyone tends to get real aggressive while "on". I remember taking 200mg T400 EOD, and 100mg anadrol ED wk.1-4, and I very rarley flew off the handle. I think it's more predisposed then anything else. If you're a naturally aggressive person when you're clean, why would it be the opposite when you're "on". I think that you should be more cautious of your emotions and keep them in check before flying off the handle. If that dosen't work, my guess would be the A-bombs that are giving you these aggressive fits. It's all good though, just use that inner aggression towards the weights. Get pissed at them, and whup their f***ing a$$!

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    Aggression is good. Means your gear is real, however your cycle is somewhat mild so it could be like a placebo effect.

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