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Thread: Clen vs T3

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    Clen vs T3

    Clen vs. T3? What is your take on both? What doseage would be sufficient for both?

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    There are plenty of posts on this site that will tell you about dosing and cycles of T3 and clen . Personally, I have had better results with clen.

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    Clen seems safer to me, but I haven't researched it a lot. I just don't like the idea of messing with thryroid hormones, I have seen so many bad things happen to people with thyroid disorders that I could never bring myself to mess with it.....

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    If people did t3 the right way UL, they probably wouldn't have had any troubles. Most people know nothing about how the thyroid works and how your resting body temp can provide you with valuable information regarding it's function. If you listen to your body, things are great with t3.

    I, for one, think t3 is completely safe and has had no adverse affects on me at all.

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    I think t3 has less side effects than clen , but to compare t3 to clen is like comparing apples to oranges...The choice would depend on when you plan on taking these, with what, and for how long?

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    They are both safe if used correctly. There is less of margin for error with the t3, and the adverse effects of error can be tremendous. I personally, run thyroids w/ test then run clen w/ primo/anavar /eq/winstrol . just be sure to start the clen slowly to see how your body responds to it. I don't have to take much, but my training partner has to take many. I wouldnt mess with the t3. Do a search for dosage amounts or at least pick up Anabolics 2004.

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    T3 over clen any day.

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