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    Glucocorticoid Steriod for hayfever

    Just been to the doc advised best way to clear my hay fever is

    Glucocorticoid steriod abit of research appears to suggest "catabolic -- increase in gluconeogenesis (release of glucose), decrease glucose usage, inhibit protein synthesis,
    inhibit growth, decrease bone density, decreases the body’s ability to fight infection"

    Not good for me and working out.

    Does anyone know of a Glucocorticoid steriod that could help my body building?

    looking like I'll need to pospone my cycle till after the hay fever season,was looking to do a first cycle of,

    test enath 1-10 300mg week
    deca 1-10 200mg week
    anavar 8-10 30mg ed
    clomid 13 300mg 1day, 100mg 10days, 50mg 10 days.

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    There are no glucocorticoids beneficials to us bodybuilders. Sorry.

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