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    clen and t3 cycle

    A steroid book I was reading said to take clen 2 days and 2 days off increasing the dosage each time till desired dosage is reached and to take the t3 2 days out of each week while taking clen. Any thoughts on this?

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    That's an old book likely? I've used the old school of cycling clen 2 weeks straight then 2 days off, two days on etc...did alright with the progress, but going 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off seems to yeild better overall results for me. I wouldn't cycle t3 two day on and two days off though, your not really giving your body a chance to reach the optimal zone, I'm sure you could see some results but i would stretch that out to 7 days on followed by 5 days off.

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    Is it ok mallet to take the t3 with out any type of test because i heard t3 can strip muscle away along with fat if not on test.

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    Without AAS, you will definitely sacrifice muscle mass.

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