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    post-cycle training questions???

    hey guys - we're having a debate about off cycle training, and got me to thinking. The following is my current split -tell me if you think its too much, or what...
    4 days on, one off, repeat -
    day one: back, traps, calves
    day 2: chest, abs
    day 3: quads, hams (the next week I emphasize more hams, less quads, and so on)
    day 4: delts, arms
    20ish minutes cardio 4 days/ week ( in the AM )

    I was doing arms on a separate day, but figured that was too much gym time, so i combined them w/ delts.
    Im doing 2 warmup sets, plus 12-14 sets for the large bodyparts (chest, quads, back, delts) and doing about 10-12 sets for bi's/ tris (ea.)
    What do you think???

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    it's fine........ I train 2 body parts a day 5 days a week...... Cardio 4 to 5 days at 30min if on a cycle, not on a cycle, or durring PCT..... it never changes.

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