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Thread: T3 question

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    T3 question

    ive researched a ton about t3 and looked throuh all the old posts and am running a few 7/5 t3 cycles

    my only question is if im taking 200mcg ed 1-5 100mcg 6 and 50 mcg 7
    how should i take it?

    all 200mcg at one time?
    50mcg 4x a day?
    how ? how ? how ?
    thanks for all your help

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    You can take it was you feel like. The idea is to get your BBT into the optimal range quickly and keep it there. I sometimes get nauseated taking it all at once b/c it all hits me at once. Plus the half life is 36 hours, so splitting up the doses isn't really necessary.

    Start with 200mcg, but your daily temps will help dictate your subsequent dosages.

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    id take it all at once, 200mcg, thats quite a high amt

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    I like to run t3 at the same dose through out but that's just me...

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