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    Proviron and teslac

    i heard proviron and teslac are the best anti estrogens because unlike nolvadex they actually prevent aromatization from happening. Is this true? And also what would be a good combo to completely stop aromatization into estrogen.

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    when it comes to fightin estrogen, there are two ways>

    1. drugs that prevent conversion of test to estro (i.e. aromitase inhibitors)
    2. drugs that block estrogen at the site where it would be goin

    when it comes to the type 1. drugs, you have Proviron , Arimidex (liquidex is liquid form of arimidex) and yes i think Teslac does this as well (very expensive however)... Arimidex is the best of these type for most people, there are some RUMORED dangers of teslac leading to complete estrogen suppression in the long term (which you do need a very small amount of estrogen in your body) over prolonged use... therefore most ppl go with arimidex (and its cheaper than teslac)

    when it comes to the type 2. drugs, nolvadex is the leader, however clomid also has a weak site blocking effect...

    one more thing, type 2 drugs have the possibility of causing an estrogen rebound effect because (unlike type 1) they allow estrogen circulation in the blood, but block its receptor sites.. once you stop using the drug, those sites are free for the estrogen to bind to... therefore the type 1 drugs are better for fighting estrogen because they stop the test from ever converting...

    hope this helps, this is all info from what i've been told and read, please do more research to confirm !!
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